In the last two decades, procurement’s role in the enterprise has considerably evolved. Today, CPOs and procurement leaders are expected to work closely with the consultants as strategic business partners and trusted advisors to mitigate risks, create competitive advantage, and support enterprise growth. As a reputable enterprise in procurement consulting, PNPC-Germany helps companies and traders accomplish and manage high-performance procurement processing to rapidly achieve more efficient, more effective operations, with greater strategic reach and increased business impact. With deep expertise in procurement transformation, we offer procurement managers a new operating model — one where positioning, negotiating, strategy, supervision, and delivery suggests game-changing business outcomes. ​

Unmatched, Comprehensive Procurement Consulting Capabilities

PNPC-GERMANY combines strategic procurement consulting services and managed services to help clients attain their strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Our comprehensive range of procurement consulting capabilities include:

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Energy & Power Generation

  • Steelworks and Metal Smelting

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Petrochemical & Chemical Manufacturing

  • Commercial and Management Establishment

  • Shipping and Delivery Management

  • Investment and Finance Sourcing

  • Inspection & Quality Control

Longstanding Success

Cost savings, sure. But they are just one facet of procurement’s larger mission to deliver sustainable ROI and enhanced value to the company. PNPC-Germany’s procurement consulting services help companies in fundamental ways to increase profitability, improve productivity and business agility, streamline operations, and increase competitiveness, among others.

Our team of deeply experienced procurement consultants helps clients by finding and implementing solutions to their most intractable problems — solutions that incorporate creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and mastery of both procurement strategy and management. Our procurement consulting services portfolio has been engineered to support the full range of our clients’ needs, today and as they evolve.

Industries We Serve

Expertise drives insight and insight drives innovation. PNPC-Germany has assembled a global team of highly skilled procurement and supply chain specialists, with hands-on experience at leading enterprises in Europe, to provide you with the tools, support and results only an industry expert can consistently deliver. Our expertise and experience encompass a number of key sectors.

Procurement Solutions

We help companies develop sourcing strategies for a sustainable future.

World-class procurement consultant can reduce a company’s purchasing cost base by an average of 8%–12%. We work closely with your management team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers, and we promote your organizational capabilities so you can sustain those gains over the long term.

We work with you to ensure improved administration of corporate finance, program management, and strategic sourcing remain aligned and work on a structured program to reach the desired end state.

Top managers prioritize optimization of sourcing and procurement.

Top CEO’s cut costs to improve organization’s bottom line.

Top business leaders believe in “procurement consulting“.